RxEnergy introduces to the Medical sector the first One-Piece Sterilizable Lithium Battery Packs for Stryker® Series 5 and Series 6 Drills and Saws. The new NeverDie® Series Lithium batteries is the best performing, safest and most environmentally sustainable battery solution on the market.

Increase Savings

Backed by the only one-year warranty in the medical space, NeverDie® Batteries last 3-4 times longer than traditional NiCd batteries. Battery inventory is more easily managed and end-of-life disposal issues are now simplified with a ROHS compliant, non-hazardous material that can be recycled through more cost effective means.

Patient Safety

“One Battery per Procedure” observed in Clinical Trials. Eliminates 2-Piece Aseptic Battery Kits. Capable of Autoclave steam-based sterilization cycle. Eliminates reprocessing and/or handling issues. Allows surgical tools to perform exactly as intended throughout the life and charge of battery.

Physician Satisfaction

No more “Lazy Battery Effect”. Lithium batteries keep their full performance output through the entire charge of the battery. Plus, RxEnergy® batteries are 30% lighter with up to a 28 minutes run time per battery.


Lithium is a non-hazardous material. RxEnergy® batteries have been tested and approved to international safety standards set forth by the United Nations DOT Manual 38.5, which is recognized and accepted worldwide.